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While most web design people or search engine marketing professionals have the expertise and probably years of experience in their field, few, if any, know the auto repair service business first hand.



Knowing what it takes to attract a potential new customer to your shop comes from the personal knowledge and experience of having tried everything in the book, so to speak, to increase the customer count in our own shops. We are all very much aware of the countless number of advertising sales people that all of us have dealt with throughout the years, promising a world of “possibilities”, but hardly enough results to justify the cost of the advertising. Moreover, unless you closely track the results of your advertising, they don't offer you any type of proof whether the ads are working or not.



You have to be one, to know one.


We spent the last thirty years owning and managing five different automotive businesses (the last one http://ocautosites.com/Europerformance), we experienced “hands on” the good and hard times of running a shop, the long hours, the stress and the pain of spending precious dollars on advertising that didn’t work. We went through the suffering of spending $1,500 per month in Yellow Pages Ads that hardly produced enough profits to cover the advertising expense. We even tried cable television advertising to the tune of $10,000 for two months and all we got were great comments about our ad. Did it generate enough profit to pay for the ad? A resounding, No!



The World Wide Web, as we know it today.


In 1989 we were fortunate enough to discover the Internet and the great potential that it has to market and promote any business. Moreover, we realized the lack of transparency, as to the size of the business, which allowed for a leveling of the playing field for large vs. small businesses. If you had the right marketing copy and good pictures of the product or service you offered, you could appeal to thousands of people around your shop, or the local area around your business.



The flame of Passion ignited, burning the midnight oil.


We spent the following years researching and learning all we could about marketing in the Internet. Countless hours were spent in front of a PC screen fascinated by the great potential available to us. In 2001, we decided it was time to put our knowledge in practice by creating our existing www.ocautoservice.com directory to allow consumers to find local auto repair service facilities.

In 1997 we sold our last repair shop http://ocautosites.com/Europerformance to dedicate ourselves entirely to Online Marketing and Internet Research, and as they say, the rest is history.



We're not asking you to trust us based on a few marketing words. We want you to see for yourself how effectively our system works - live on the Web!


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We are the creators of www.ocautoservice.com, auto repair service directory, that has been servicing the Southern California area since 2001.


If you own a shop in So Cal you can take advantage of our Pre National Special. Your shop will be found in our directory, right on the front page natural (organic) search engine results of all Major Search Engines in all the Counties we service.


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