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"Pay only for ads that work."


Sounds simple, doesn't it? It’s true; it’s just not that simple. Before you continue reading this page you should read the following article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal!


Paid Search Engine Marketing Services


We look at what your competition is doing right in your local area. Our goal: get you more for less. More leads, more customers, more sales – for the smallest possible investment. If you feel a certain ad is not working then we can change it and adapt it to how people are searching for your service.

We manage everything for you



Your online marketing campaign is managed by one of

our reliable trained agents. What does that mean to you? Freedom to run your business, all you have to do is look at your report in Google Analytics anytime of the day and see your business grow. Our technology helps cascade creative ingenuity across campaigns, aligning promotions, copy and keywords with profit potential. We keep a watchful eye on the search engines, your competitors and publishers presenting your ads.


  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Account Organization
  • Competitive & Market Analysis
  • Keyword & Permutation Selection
  • Keyword Performance Analysis
  • Ad Group Performance Tracking
  • Google Assisted Bid Management
  • Geo-Targeted Campaign Management up to 20 miles around your shop's location
  • Ongoing ROI Analysis



Landing Page Development


Landing pages are the sales people of the internet. They meet customers at the door, directly taking them to your shop so they can view it virtually in detail and take the next step. A study stated; “a customer will click on a paid search ad and if they don’t find what they are looking for within an eight of a second they are gone”. We make sure that your ad lands directly on the correct page so they can turn into a long term customer.


Ad Creativity


How much creativity can you fit inside one of those little paid search ads? The short answer is a lot. Plus, it has to work. And much like last week's sandwich, ad copy can get stale. We know how to keep your messages fresh and your promotions lively with as little as 70 characters of text. It takes finesse. Flair. Subtlety. Everyday.


Financial Bid Management


Without careful tracking and continual hands-on involvement, the uninitiated can bleed through a paid search engine marketing budget in days, sometimes hours, instead of the weeks planned. Our dedicated account managers monitor campaign spending levels and quickly spot and stop trouble before your account is empty.

No Big Sales Talk, No Empty Promises

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